Paint, paint, and paint some more

Saturday was the day I got the keys to my new place. WOO HOO! (Side note: I actually picked them up Friday night, found out I had no power, had a mini panic attack, got them to turn the power on, and showed the place off to my Robyn.) The plan for Saturday, or the whole weekend really, was my for my mom to come over and help me paint my craft room and the kitchen. She had doggie school until 11:30, so I went over ahead of time to prep for painting. By the time she got there around 12:30 everything was ready to be painted and I’d even unpacked a couple of boxes I had brought over that morning.

First on our agenda was the craft room. Boy are my mom and I a great paint duo! We finished painting the room in less than 2 hours and I LOVE how it turned out. And we didn’t even get any paint on the carpet 🙂

While I was finishing up the 2nd coat on the craft room my mom headed out to the kitchen to start getting ready to paint out there. How amazing is this blue?? It is called Shallow Wading Pool.

Painting the kitchen was a little more difficult than we had planned. Painting above the cabinets was a BITCH. I could reach up there with just the step ladder, but my mom actually had to stand on the counter tops in order to reach. And since it is a galley kitchen there were a couple of times where we were getting in each other’s way. Thankfully it still went REALLY well (we even painted behind the fridge) and we were done in a reasonable amount of time. And it looks great! Every time I walk in the kitchen, or the house for that matter, and see the walls I love it. I can’t wait for all of my red kitchen accessories to make their way into the kitchen.

Mom and I both had our dogs with us at the new house this weekend. They were both very well behaved, for the most part, and they enjoyed being together. But by the end of the day I guess all the painting was just a little too much for the two of them.

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