Our newest family member

My mom’s cat passed away a few months ago and recently she decided that she wanted to get a small dog. We had looked at 2 humane societies and a pet rescue over near her, but nothing had caught her eye. So we decided that she would come over this past weekend to check out the SPCA and county animal shelters here since they are much better. We spent the better part of Saturday morning going to 2 SPCAs and 2 county animal shelters on opposite sides of town. Unfortunately my mom didn’t see anything that caught her eye here either. There were plenty of big dogs, but nothing is the size range she was looking for.

I had noticed on Facebook Friday night that the Woof Gang Bakery in Winter Park was going to have a rescue group called RAIN in the shop from 11 – 2 on Saturday. I hadn’t mentioned it to my mom because it was a little pricier than she had wanted, but when I saw how down she was about not finding a dog I brought it up. She decided that since we were out we might as well stop by.

When we first got there we both were drawn to a puppy that was part Chihuahua and part Sheltie. We liked her a lot, but were worried about such a small animal being under foot with my grandpa. Plus we really had no idea what size it would end up or what it would look like. They told us there were more animals in the back room and we were on our way. As soon as we got in there my mom headed straight for this cute little white furball. We found out he was a Peekapoo (Peekinese/Poodle), a year and a half old, and his name was Asiago – yes, like the cheese. Or the minor township in Italy. My mom was in love. Next thing I knew she was filling out paperwork and we were heading to an ATM to get money. We bough Ozzy (that is what he is being called), hit up PetSmart, then went back to my apartment to pack up myself and my dog so we could head to my mom’s for the weekend. So much for my nice quiet weekend at home huh?

Please, let me introduce you to Ozzy 🙂

Thankfully, Pepper and Ozzy became fast friends and spent all of Saturday evening and all day Sunday playing and carrying on. It is QUITE amusing to see a 67 pound dog and a 16 pound dog wrestle. And the kicker was, Ozzy was the instigator.

In between wrestling matches, Pepper and Ozzy would take breaks to snuggle on the couch. I’ve never actually seen dogs give each other kisses before. It was super cute. I was worried when we left on Sunday night that Ozzy would get sad or confused. He had a lot of changes in his life this weekend and there is a chance he thought that Pepper and I were going to live with him too. At least we know that he will be happy to see us the next time we come over.

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