My day with a Nissan Altima

On Friday I had to take my car into the Nissan dealership for some things. Since they couldn’t do them right away, they gave me a Nissan Altima to drive for the day. The first thing about the car I noticed was the lack of a key. Um, what? The service manager handed me a clicker (you know, the keychain thing with that unlocks your doors and sets off your alarm?) and nothing else. I kinda looked at it and then looked at her. “Oh, its got a push button start” she tells me. WAA? So once all the paperwork was done she took me out to the car. “You can just put that in your purse, as long as its nearby it will work. Step on the brake, then push the button once” she told me. Okay, sounds easy enough. I followed her directions and the car started right up. Weird.












Before I left the dealership I took a couple minutes to figure things out… adjusted the seat, adjusted the steering wheel, found the windshield wipers, etc. The displays and gadgets were pretty fancy looking, but for the most part it didn’t have a whole lot more than my Nissan Versa. It had radio controls in the steering wheel, bluetooth, and a little more storage, but not much more that I could see.












I did like how I felt like I was sitting down IN the car with this one, as I feel higher and ON the seat in my car. Does that make sense? And I loved the arm rest. I know it sounds silly, but I hate that my car doesn’t have an arm rest in the front. It just feels like something is missing. The cup holders are also in a better place in the Altima. They are easier to get to if you are driving. There were three drink holes – 2 were normal ones, and one was a little smaller and shallower. Maybe it is for a coffee mug?












Oh, and boy does this thing have a massive trunk! It wouldn’t really work for me though. One of the perks of my Versa is that it is a hatchback and my dog can ride back there. She has plenty of room, can lay down, and I don’t have to worry about her trying to come into the front seat with mommy. I can’t really put my dog in the trunk. But if I didn’t have a dog to cart around I would like the spacious trunk on this car.












It was a bit speedier than my car. I could take the time to look up the specs, but those don’t really matter to me. It got up to speed faster than my car, that’s all that really matters I guess. It was a nice smooth ride, but I feel like my car is a nice smooth ride too. I’m sure there are all sorts of fancy things about the engine in the Altima, but again, I don’t really care.

It is a pretty car I guess. It is pretty basic looking. I wouldn’t be like “Oh damn, that is one slick car!” if I saw it driving down the road, but its not ugly either. I definitely wouldn’t get a white one if I purchased one. I had a white car once and it was a b*tch to keep clean. I’d probably get it in blue if I could 🙂













The only complaint I have about the car doesn’t really have anything to do with the car itself… it was dirty. It needed to have been vacuumed and cleaned out. I mean it probably wasn’t that much worse than my car, but then again I wouldn’t loan my car to someone without cleaning it first. So yeah, I wish they had taken a few minutes to clean it out before they handed it over. Other than that, I can’t complain 🙂

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