My 2020 Goals in 8 Words

Run more.
Cook more.
Read more.
Travel more.

The Comeback Tour: Week 7 Training Update & Global Energy 10k

Sounds reasonable right? I had everything intention of writing this long post about my goals, but when I really thought about it I realized that they didn’t need explanations. All of these things are good for me and I need to do them more often. Plain and simple.

I have four races scheduled for February and I haven’t run since… November? I’m a little worried about how that is going to pan out, especially since I will be flying solo for the first two races. My sole sister/motivational mentor/running buddy broke her leg right before Thanksgiving and isn’t able to run yet. Hopefully I can make it through those first two races and then have her there for the second 2. Fingers crossed.

The Comeback Tour: Week 6 Training Update & 5k

I haven’t worked out a plan yet for making all these goals a reality, but I’ll get there. This week is a good start since I picked up four books at the library and I’m going to run club on Wednesday. Baby steps. Baby steps.

Local Love: Ten10 Run Club & Running For Brews

I’m hoping that 2020 is going to be a good year with a lot of positive changes. Its not that 2019 was horrible or anything, but it could definitely have been better. I’m just ready for some things to change and I’m hoping that 2020 will be the year for those to happen.

What is your goal for 2020?

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