My 2014 Runner’s Wish List

I’ve realized over the last few years that so much running stuff is ending up on my Christmas wish lists. Sometimes I put off buying something I want just so that I can add it to my wish list. It’s just more fun when it shows up under the tree wrapped in pretty paper right?

So this year I’m sharing the top 5 things that would be on my runner’s wish list (and that I think should be on any runner’s list). I’ve tried out all of these things myself, so I’m talking from personal experience here. So if you need a last minute gift idea for a runner in your family, or just want to buy yourself a little treat, here is a list to get you started!

1. FlipBelt – Back when I started running a bought a running belt to stash my phone/camera/keys/ID/etc. Well 3 years later I don’t carry a camera, my phone is MUCH larger, and i’ve found a slew of other things I “must have” when on run longs. I’d been looking for a new belt but was having issues because, to be completely honest, I have a big butt. I’m not saying its huge by any means, but it definitely causes some problems when it comes to things staying put around my waist/hips. I learned about 2 months ago that the key to getting them to stay put is making sure they are positioned correctly. Who knew that I was wearing it in the wrong place all this time?

I have a running belt that holds water bottles, but I don’t always need 4 of them with me, so I was looking for something I little more compact to hold all my other “stuff.” A friend introduced me to the FlipBelt and I was intrigued. I like the idea that it was flat, didn’t have things to hook/unhook, and didn’t have zippers. I hate having to fuss with zippers when I’m running. I was hoping that its design would also help with my bootie situation.

My 2014 Runner's Wish List Flipbelt

When it first arrived I actually put it on with my favorite running shorts, put my phone in it, and jumped around the bathroom.  I know, it was quite the site. During the first test bounces it stayed put perfectly, so the next test was the open road. It performed beautifully! It stayed put and it was easy to get all my stuff in and out off. There is even a little clip on the inside that you can attach a key too (much better than pinning it to the inside of my sweaty sports bra).

My 2014 Runner's Wish List Flipbelt

2. PRO Compression Sleeves – When I first started running I kept hearing about compression socks and sleeves. When I first saw how much they were I was a little taken aback – you want HOW MUCH for socks? So I put off buying some for awhile. But after I had two 1/2 marathons under my belt I decided to be a cheaper pair of compression sleeves, just to see how they felt. I didn’t get the socks because the idea of compression on my feet didn’t appeal to me. Plus I could still wear them with my favorite running socks (see below for more on those). I fell in love with my compression sleeves and have been thinking about upgrading for awhile, but I just didn’t know which ones to pick. I had a lot of friends that used PRO Compression sleeves & when I was given a chance to try them out it was perfect.

My 2014 Runner's Wish List

DING DING DING! We have found a winner folks!

My 2014 Runner's Wish List Pro Compression Sleeves

The PRO Compression Calf Sleeves are comfortable and work wonders. I wear them on long runs (6 miles or more) and always after a half marathon. They are lighter and slightly smaller than my first pair, but I love them even more. I can wear them under pants or jeans to work and no one has a clue. Best of all I can keep them on after a race even when I ditch my running shoes and change to flip flops. If you haven’t tried out compression sleeves yet, definitely give them a try.

3. Chapstick/Lip Balm – I use Chapstick all the time, but I really need it during races. I tend to breathe out of my mouth the whole time (especially if I’m with a friend and we are chatting) and my lips get really dry really fast. So I always try to have Chapstick on me when I’m running. I don’t always remember on training runs, but I ALWAYS have it on race day. You lips will thank you 🙂

4. Armpocket – When I got my new phone it wouldn’t fit in the last armband I had. I ALWAYS have my phone on me during long runs and races, so I needed a replacement right away. I hated it. It was hard to get my phone in and out of, it fogged up when I’d get hot, and it was just fairly useless. My friend Andrea has an Armpocket so I decided that I should try them out. I got an Ultra i-35 and I LOVE IT. It fits my large phone and its case, I can stash other things like my key and ID in there, and its easy to get the phone in and out when I’m running. I love it! (I’ll have more on this particular item in a future post, so keep an eye out).

My 2014 Runner's Wish List Armpocket

5. Headbands – I had to put something “fun” on the list. Yes headbands are useful and in my opinion a necessity, but they are also super cute. There are a LOT of different running headbands out there, so feel free to look around, just make sure to get ones that have a velvet backing – this is what makes them stay put in your hair. There are skinny ones, fat ones, sparkly ones, holiday ones, sports team ones, personalized ones – you name it and you can find it on a headband.

I hope this little list helps you with your holiday shopping, or at least gives you a couple ideas to add to your own list. What are you go-to running wish list items?


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