JavaSok Review & Giveaway

Have you heard of JavaSok before? JavaSok keeps your drinks colder, your hands dry and eliminates condensation puddles. Durable, reusable, and available in tons of colors and patterns that fit any mood. It’s like a koozie for your favorite drinks that don’t come in a can!

JavaSok Review & Giveaway

The original JavaSok comes in 3 sizes that fit up to a 32 oz cup! So the next time you grab an iced coffee from your favorite coffee spot, you can make sure that it lasts a bit longer and doesn’t leave a puddle on the table.

More of a hot beverage fan? Now there is the HotSok! It replaces the cardboard coffee sleeves (hello eco-friendly) and helps keep your drink warm and your hands from getting burnt.

JavaSok Review & Giveaway

Made from thick, insulating, 4MM coated neoprene fabric on its inner and outer sides to provide natural barriers to various elements, JavaSok sleeves replace napkins used to ward off cup sweat from dripping on your clothes and anywhere else. HotSok sleeves shield hands from extreme heat.

The JavaSok and HotSok come in a TON of different colors and patterns, but right now you can also get them in holiday prints. In prints from whimsical to traditional, you are bound to find one that is perfect for you. I LOVE the Ho Ho Ho! print on my HotSok. It is just so cute and festive. You can’t help but get a smile on your face looking at it. AND, they even have a Tropical Holiday print with FLAMINGOS!

JavaSok Review & Giveaway

Here in Florida, it is iced coffee season year-round, so I gladly put my JavaSok to use when I picked up my first peppermint mocha iced coffee of the season. It kept it from sweating all over my car (and then my coffee table) and kept it extra cold. Plus, it looked super cute!

Want a JavaSok and HotSok of your very own?? Head over to my Instagram to enter to win a holiday set!!

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