It’s just one of those days…

I really hate that saying. One of those days… what does that even mean? It could be a good day, a bad day, an irritating day, or just a day. But unfortunately when I started writing this morning that was the ONLY thing I could think of to describe how my day is going. Since I’ve only been up for 2 hours, I guess it really hasn’t been ‘a day’ yet. But things started being yucky around 8 last night. And since that was 13 hours ago… I can officially call it a day.

Last night was just frustrating. I was trying to be a nice hostess and get my houseguest set up so that she could use the wireless internet at my apartment. After spending close to 45 minutes trying to figure out my password, I got her set up. Only to go back to my computer and have NO internet connection. Well crap. I just gave up. I grabbed my book (which I never actually read any of) and my trusty new phone and locked myself (and Pepper) in my room. After a final look at Facebook, a few texts, and too many failed games of Jewel I went to sleep. Did I sleep well? OF COURSE NOT.

I woke up this morning super sleepy and with a killer headache. Ugh. Happy humpday to me right? The only positive thing about this morning so far was the Double Chocolate Brownie cookie I just ate for breakfast. If I can get myself through the next 2.5 hours, maybe I’ll treat myself to some retail therapy for lunch. Not so good on my wallet, but WAY better on the waistline.

Oh, in brighter news (is divorce talk really considered brighter news?) things are moving along with the divorce. Well sorta. Since things weren’t exactly moving along, or in the right direction, we had to backtrack a little. The saying ‘back to square one’ comes to mind. I wasn’t happy about it, but at least we are moving forward again. Hopefully in a couple weeks i’ll have more information on where things are going.

My wonderful friend Laura got me a present for my upcoming (eventually) divorce party. I don’t have it yet, but she sent me a picture. It made me smile!

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