I’m going to the Gasparilla Distance Classic!

On Christmas Eve a friend of mine shared a post with me on Facebook – Natalie’s Orchid Island Juice company was giving away two free entries for the Gasparilla Distance Classic at the end of February. I’d never done any of the Gasparilla races, so I went ahead and entered to win. And then I forgot about it with all the craziness of Christmas.


Then the day after Christmas I was sitting at the kitchen table when I pulled up Facebook on my phone. I had a notification that someone had tagged me in a comment that said “Meghan, yay!” Yay what I thought? I clicked on it and found out it was someone congratulating me on winning the contest. Well how about that!

The race forms and a Natalie’s shirt are on their way to me in the mail right now! I don’t know which distance (or perhaps distanceS) I’m allowed to run, or which I’d even want to run, but I guess I’ll see when the information shows up. I have the Best Damn Race Orlando 1/2 marathon the next weekend, so I don’t think I’m going to do the 1/2 distance. I really have no idea what I’m gonna do. The idea of adding another race(s) to my already busy spring race schedule is a bit scary, but really, what is one more race?

Thanks again to Natalie’s Orchid Island Juice company for giving me the opportunity to run this race series!

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