I got out there

One of the ladies I see here at work every week always tells me to “get out there.” I really think that she thinks I go home everyday and do nothing. Granted, there are plenty of days that that IS what I do but I’m not the homebody that she thinks I am. But this week I definitely got out there. I have to admit that I’ve probably done more in this past week than almost the rest of the month. It just comes in waves I guess.

Tuesday I went to an advanced screening of Despicable Me 2 with a friend. After over an hour of waiting outside in the heat, we were the last two people that they let into the theater. The movie was great and definitely worth the wait.

Thursday I went out to UCF with two friends (one of which drove over an hour to get there) to see Mayim Bialik speak. Most people know her as Amy Farrah Fowler from the Big Bang Theory, but I remember her as Blossom from when I was a kid. My friend Karen and I were probably only a handful of people in the room even old enough to remember her on Blossom. We totally had childhood nerd moments when we got to meet her afterwards and get our picture with her. She was very down to earth and I really enjoyed listening to her speak. She talked about how she got into acting, her family’s history (which is SUPER interesting), and her education. Did you know that she has a PhD in Neuroscience? Yup, she really is a super nerd 🙂


Saturday morning I got up bright and early to do one of my last Team Challenge training runs before the race in Napa. I can’t believe we leave in less than 3 weeks! Our coach REALLY pushed us this morning. We went out to the 3 mile mark, which included a trip over a bridge/overpass, and then turned around and headed back. When we got back to the bridge/overpass we had to run it it three times! Out and back three times! It was rough, but I know it will help in Napa.

Later that afternoon I got to go to a special blogger event at the Stetson Mansion in DeLand, FL. Normally you are not allowed to take pictures on tours of the mansion, but for this special blogger event it was allowed. I’m not going to talk too much about it since I’ll be doing a full blog post about it in the next couple of days. But take my word for it, it was super cool.

DSC_4586 BW

Sunday was just as busy as Saturday! I got to sleep in a little but then was on the road a little before 1 to drive to Tampa. I met my best friend Laura and her husband for an early dinner at Cigar City Brewpub. They have been talking about taking me ever since it opened and since I had to come over to Tampa anyway we thought it would be perfect. Oh. Em. Gee, it was so good! I really wanted to try their homemade root beer, but unfortunately they were out. Hopefully next time!

After “dinner” I headed down to FitNiche in Hyde Park for a special Best Damn Race bloggers party. Bloggers from the area that had participated in the Best Damn Race earlier this year were invited to this special event. We started off with a 5k run around Hyde Park (holy heck it was hot) and then went back to the store to get the real party started. It was a great event and I will blog more about it in another post.

So yeah, I guess I really did “get out there” this week. I really really enjoyed spending time with my friends and going to my very first blogger events. Before this weekend I’d never been to any blogger events and now I’ve been to two in the same weekend. Pretty cool if you ask me.

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