I finally gave in and did it!

The weekend that I broke up with “the boy” my mom and I had a couple of drinks and made me a profile on Match.com. We just wanted to check things out. I’d heard a lot of good things about online dating sites, but I still wasn’t quite sure it was the thing for me. You can make a profile, search for people, and “wink” at folks (and see if they “wink” back) without subscribing and paying the monthly fee. This is good because you are able to check things out. See if there are even any folks that might interest you. But after that you are kinda stuck. You can’t see who has viewed your profile, made you a favorite, and if someone happens to email you through Match you can’t read it either.

I thought about subscribing that first day… until I saw the prices. To sign up for a one month membership it was $34.99 per month. Wow! If you signed up for 3 months it was $19.99 per month and for 6 months it dropped down to $16.99 per month. I decided to wait a couple of weeks and think about it. In the mean time I did some searching to see if there were any guys that might interest me. I was pleasantly surprised by the guys on the site. I talked to a male friend about it earlier in the week and he brought up a good point. There are plenty of good single guys out there that just don’t have the TIME to date. Or don’t have single friends to go out with. So something like Match is perfect for them. Exactly.

So on Saturday night, after two glasses of wine, I finally decided to pull the trigger and sign up for 3 months – which will take me through September 16th. I had two emails all ready waiting for me, so I was finally able to read them. Unfortunately neither of them were of interest to me, but it was still nice to have the interest. I was also able to see who had been checking out my profile. When I got home on Sunday there was another email in there. Again, nothing of interest (something just felt “off” about the guy), but at least it was a start. Now I just have to see if I’m brave enough to actually message any of the guys I find interesting. I just keep thinking about what to say to start things off. I’m fairly certain that “Nice shoes, wanna f*ck?” is not the way to get things rolling. At least not in the direction I’m hoping for.

On Saturday before I signed up I was getting all the “rules” from my mom… Don’t have him pick you up on the first date (don’t even tell him where you live). First date somewhere very public and meet him there. Be fully prepared to pay for your own dinner. No sex for 6-8 dates at least. Lol. I expected the first 3 rules because I’d all ready heard those things from other people, but the last one just had me cracking up. I mean yes it was a reasonable thing to hear from my mom, but still funny. I’m still figuring how how the hell to even get up the nerve to talk to guys on Match and my mom is telling me not to have sex right away. Geesh, one step at a time here lady!

So that’s where we are. I’m all signed up for 3 months of Match.com. I have no idea if I’ll find anyone, but at least it will be fun. Right? Or will it? Who knows. But I promise to share all of my adventures with you along the way. I mean I have to tell someone right?

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