Half Marathon Training: Week 4

How did this week go? MUCH BETTER!

I got in both of my weekday runs on the treadmill at the gym and was feeling pretty good. On my second weekday run I was actually feeling so good that I hopped on the elliptical instead of going home. Cool huh?

Half Marathon Training: Week 4

My long run for this week was 2.5 miles. I had planned to do it on Saturday morning but my mom ended up coming to town so I pushed it to Sunday. Then Sunday morning I was having some tummy troubles and turned off the alarm instead of getting out of bed. When I woke up a little while later my tummy was feeling better and I WANTED to run. Unfortunately it was already after 9 am, which is kind of a deal breaker here in Florida this time of year. But I really didn’t want to go run on the treadmill so I just went for it.

Half Marathon Training: Week 4

I made sure I had on my favorite new Brooks hat, had a bottle of water, my road ID in case I passed out, and my TigerLady self-defense device (more on that in a minute). One of the best things about my new Brooks hat is it has this little zippered pouch in it where you can store things… like your house key! I loved that I had somewhere safe to put it since I knew my hat would be on my head the whole time.

So what is this TigerLady self-defense device you ask? Well, it is super simple and super cool! You secure the strap around your wrist, hold it so the logo is face up, and then tightening your hand around TigerLady causes three claws to protrude from between your knuckles. It pretty much turns you into a self-defending Wolverine type badass.

Half Marathon Training: Week 4

I run alone a lot and knew I should have some sort of self-defense device with me, but all the options I’d seen just seemed like I pain with all the other stuff I have to take with me. TigerLady is light weigh, doesn’t depend on batteries, and all you have to do is squeeze your hand shut to make it work. Today was the first time I’d run with it and it worked great. The strap allowed me to let go of it in order to open my water bottle or in case I just let go of it without thinking. It was just nice knowing I had some sort of protection in case a bad person decided to interrupt my run.

My run went better than expected. I had to cut it a little short because it started to rain, but all in all it went well. And the best thing? I DID IT! I didn’t roll over and go back to sleep. I got my lazy butt out of bed to go run in the horrible heat and humidity. But I did it 🙂

Half Marathon Training: Week 4

This week is a little screwy, but I still should be able to get all my runs in without a problem. Hopefully the weather will cooperate next weekend so that I can get my long run in outside. I really don’t like doing more than 2 miles on the treadmill.

So how did your training go this week?

Disclosure: I received my TigerLady in exchange for a review. As always, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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