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(not the best picture, but it is the best I have right now)

So I guess I should have just hit “save draft” on that Still Frustrated post from Saturday night… because first thing Sunday morning I heard from the property manager and I got the townhouse! WOO HOO!

I am beyond excited! I had to meet the property manager on Sunday to give him some money and paperwork, so I called my mom and asked her to come with me. I wanted her to see the place, plus we needed to take some measurements and try to figure out some furniture placement. Boy am I glad she came with me! Between the two of us we were able to figure some things out and have some great plans for my future home.

One of the things we figured out is that a round table would really work best in the dining area and give me more room. Unfortunately my dining table is rectangular and there really isn’t room in the budget to replace it at the moment. Well after we left the townhouse we were just driving around the neighborhood when we came across a townhouse that was being cleaned out, or so it seemed, and there was a wood ROUND dining table sitting on the driveway. My mom says “Go back and ask if they are getting rid of it!” I told her she was crazy but turned around anyway. I went up to the door and found a couple cleaning inside. I asked if they were getting rid of it and the wife quickly said yes and told me I could have it if I wanted. SCORE! The husband even helped us get it into the car (it didn’t exactly fit) and then we brought it back to the townhouse. Fortunately the property manager let us put it in the house where it will wait until I get my keys on October 6th. It was perfect! And now I even have room to add a buffet or china hutch in the dining area. See, you really should listen to your mom when she tells you to do something 🙂

We brain stormed a lot and I’m really excited about the possibilities for the new place. Even though I won’t own it, I think I will feel a lot more settled than I do in my apartment. I have a lot more that I can do with the place AND Pepper will finally have a yard. I have almost 3 weeks until I get the keys and right now that feels SO far away. But I know that in another week or so I will be freaking out about how fast the time is going.

So yeah, I have a house 🙂 Be prepared for a lot of DIY projects and home improvement posts!

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