Gratitude Day 15 ~ Local Shop or Group

Maybe it’s a business that you just love to shop at. Maybe it’s a place where the staff has such a pleasant way of making you feel welcome. Maybe it’s a local organization that offers an important service or program. The people and places in your community that provide the products and services that you need and in a way that makes you feel good are worth some gratitude.

I am grateful for Tijuana Flats. Oh I know, that sounds super silly, but I have a good reason. Last year when all of this divorce mess started I was having food issues. Most of the time I wasn’t interested in eat or if I was I couldn’t find anything that sounded good. But once I did… I’d eat that thing for days on end. For awhile it was fried mozzarella cheese sticks. For awhile it was lucky charms. But one day I wanted tacos from Tijuana Flats which was, thankfully, just 3-4 minutes from my house. I could get there, pick up my food, and get back to the house in 10 minutes or less. For close to two months it was about the only “full meal” that I ate or was even interested in. If they hadn’t been so close and so delish, who knows what I would have eaten. So thanks TJs 🙂

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