From Pinterest to Project: Bates Motel Sign

I love Halloween. My mom REALLY loves Halloween. Even though she doesn’t get trick-or-treaters and doesn’t have grandkids yet, she still decorates her house every year. Each year she usually has some DIY project on her radar for Halloween. Last year we made these super awesome Pumpkin Hot Air balloons. This year’s project was even bigger and better!

She found this year’s inspiration on the Better Homes and Garden’s website. She loved the idea of a hotel/inn sign for her front yard, but wanted to change it up a bit and personalize it. Her first change was to make it a Bates Motel sign. In addition to the “vacancy” placard she also added one that said “free showers.” Yup, my mom is nuts.

My mom followed the general directions for this project, but picked up a pre-done sign board from a thrift store to use for the sign itself.  Once it is time to put the sign out she will be adding some of those creepy crows to it as well.

Here is the finished project. Didn’t it turn out great?

From Pinterest to Project: Bates Motel Sign

I am always impressed how my mom can find a picture of something and then just recreate it. I definitely get my craftiness from her and for that I am truly thankful.


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