Friday Five: Top 5 Ways to Unwind

Right now I am so busy at work that I can’t see straight. I’ve got another week of this craziness (think 12+ hour work days, a phone that won’t stop ringing, more emails in two weeks than I get the whole rest of the year, etc) and then life will finally calm down. Unfortunately all this craziness means I don’t have a whole lot of time at home and when I do I just need to unwind so I get a good nights sleep.

So today I’m sharing my top 5 ways to unwind! These are a great help during the busy times in your life or when you just need to chill out and enjoy your evening.

1. Read!

Friday Five: Top 5 Ways to Unwind

I am a big reader and have been my whole life. Usually when things get busy I don’t read much because I can’t concentrate, but when I need to unwind… that is the perfect time to read. I’ve read 4 books in the last month alone. That is more books than I read in the SIX MONTHS prior. I’ve been reading a lot of light and fluffy stuff, but that is just what I need right now. And thank goodness for being able to reserve books online!

2. Keep the television/computer OFF

When I’m bored or unmotivated I usually end up getting sucked into something stupid on the TV and spending countless hours on Pinterest. I don’t have cable, but access to Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime and other stuff gives me PLENTY of options. When I need to unwind the last thing I want to to is get sucked into the TV for hours on end. Next thing I know its time for bed and I’m not feeling any better than I was when I got home. Plus, keeping the computer and TV off means more time to read. See how nicely that works out?

3. Get a massage

If you have the time for, and the means, to get a massage – do it! So much of our stress is internalized and causes our muscles to tense up. This makes us sore, uncomfortable, impacts our ability to sleep, and just adds to the stress. Not good right? So take advance of someone in your town with some soft hands and mad skills to get rid of some of the tension. You will thank me for it later.

4. Enjoy a glass of wine/beer/lemonade

Friday Five: Top 5 Ways to Unwind

One of the things I learned while doing Whole30 was how dependent we are on food/alcohol when we are stressed out/upset/happy/angry. You have a bad day at work, you want a glass of wine. You have a great day at work, you want to celebrate with a big piece of chocolate cake. While these things are NOT the correct answers, sometimes you just need to treat yourself to something you enjoy. That may be a glass of your favorite wine, a beer with friends, or the super awesome lemonade from Chik-fil-A. Whatever it is, give yourself a pass and enjoy it.

5. Phone a friend

Friday Five: Top 5 Ways to Unwind

Sometimes you just need to enjoy the gift of gab. Grab that glass of wine/beer/lemonade, cozy up on the couch, and give your bestie a call. It is amazing how much a little chat can do for your mood. You and your bestie not the phone call types? Then make a date to skype, chat on Facebook messenger, or even just write an email. There are plenty of times that writing out an email (sometimes that I never even send) can clear my mind and help me relax. However you chose to “talk” is fine – just get it all out!

So what are your favorite ways to unwind?

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