Favorite Things Party 2014

Last year a group of us ladies got together for a Favorite Things party. Everyone was tasked to bring one of their Favorite Things under $5 to share with the group. You brought one of your favorite things for everyone in the group, so at the end of the night you ended up with 9 fun gifts to take home. We had a blast and decided to do it again this year!

This year I decided to do a gift that included a few of my favorite things. I love hot beverages in the winter and I REALLY love alcoholic hot beverages, so that is what I went with. I decided to make it a little more fun by putting all the items in a glass mug.

Favorite Things Party 2014 Barnies

So what did I include? Hot chocolate of course, my most favorite Barnie’s CoffeeKitchen Santa’s White Christmas BREWSTICKS, whipped cream or marshmallow vodka, and a candy cane! I just love the idea of adding the flavored vodka to the coffee or the hot chocolate and stirring it with a candy cane.

Favorite Things Party 2014 Barnies

I had such a fun time picking out what to include in my gift and putting them together. By the end all I wanted was to curl up on the couch with a hot beverage. Thankfully I had a little extra of each item so that I can enjoy a yummy alcoholic hot beverage of my own this holiday season.

Favorite Things Party 2014 Barnies

What would you bring to a Favorite things party?

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