Fab Ab February – Final Update

So I failed 🙁

I did great for the first 3 weeks (only missing one day) and then I got sick. And then I had a half marathon. So I didn’t finish the last, and hardest, week.

I took my measurements again today to see if the first three weeks had made a difference… they did not. My best friend Laura fell off the wagon as well (along with a few other friends) and is going to do Fab Ab March. She asked if I thought I might do FAM but I’m really not sure. I’m starting a new running training program this week and I’m not sure I want to add that on top of it. I guess I’m just frustrated because it really FELT like it was going to make a difference, so when it didn’t I was kinda irritated.

For those of you that played along, did you see results? How did it go for you?

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