DIY Pirate Running Costume – The Bottom Half

Earlier this week I posted about the top half of my DIY pirate running costume and now it is time to work on the bottom half. You can’t be a pirate with only half a costume – so let’s get started!

The first thing you need to do is get a premade black petticoat or tutu to use as the base of your skirt/bottom of your costume. We took a black petticoat I already had, like this one or this one, and added some tulle to it to make it a little bit poofier (is that even a word?). The petticoat helps to make your skirt a bit more full and give you something else to cover your tushie as the overall skirt is a bit on the short side.

To make the red overskirt:

**Please keep in mind that I am 5’10” and this skirt was just long enough to cover a pair of average length running shorts.

1. Start with 3 yards of red satin.

2. Fold the fabric in half length wise with right sides together.

3. Make a pattern for 12” scallop on cardstock or cardboard  (see picture) – we used a dinner plate to get the shape.

*Please note the “space” at each end of the scallop. Make sure this gets included so that your scalloped edge will look correct after it is sewn.

4. Trace your scallop pattern on to your fabric along the folded edge.

DIY Pirate Running Costume - Bottom Half










5.  Stitch along the scallop pattern you traced onto the fabric, making sure to stitch the 2-3 stitch “space” between each scallop. This will ensure that your scallops will neatly turn when the fabric is turned right side out.

DIY Pirate Running Costume - Bottom Half










6. Pink or clip close to all stitching along scallops and clip a V at each “space” between the scallops.

DIY Pirate Running Costume - Bottom Half










7. Turn fabric right side out.

8. PRESS PRESS PRESS to get a nice smooth edge on your scallops.

*HELPFUL HINT: Insert your scallop into the scallop and pull tight, THEN press it flat. This REALLY helps with this step.

DIY Pirate Running Costume - Bottom Half










9. Sew the two short ends of your scalloped fabric together.

10. Sew top edges of fabric together.

11. Fold over the top edge 1” and sew to form a casing for your elastic. Make sure to leave a 1-2” opening to feed your elastic into the casing.

12. Measure your waist and cut a piece of elastic that length.

13. Attach a safety pin to one end of the elastic and feed it through your casing, making sure to hold tight to the other end.

14. When your elastic is inserted completely, pull the two ends out and safety pin them together.

15. Try on your skirt and make sure its going to fit AND stay up when you move around. I suggest a couple laps around the living room just to make sure. Adjust elastic if necessary.

16. Once elastic is right, sew the ends together.

17. Sew closed your small opening that you fed the elastic through.

The next thing we did after making the skirt was make some boot covers for my running shoes. My running shoes are hot pink and they didn’t match my costume at all. I know this my sound a bit silly, but believe me when I tell you that they looked pretty ridiculous.  Using a coupon at Joann Fabrics, it cost us around $3 for the fabric to make the boot covers. At a local party store, boot covers STARTED at $13 a pair. And I can almost guarantee you that those boot covers were not designed to fit over running shoes 🙂

To make boot shoe covers:

1.  If your sewing machine has a leather foot or walking foot, use that for this part. If not, put tissue paper or wax paper between the machine foot and the right side of the pleather.

2. A size 9-9.5 shoe boot cover will fit on a ½ yard of 60” wide fabric – we used a pleather fabric.

3. MAKE A PATTERN! This is a very important step as each person’s leg and running shoe is different. Make a pattern (see picture) out of scrap fabric or paper first. Sew the pattern and slide it on over your leg & shoe to make sure it is going to work. We made one pattern for the main boot cover and a separate piece for the folded over piece at the top.

DIY Pirate Running Costume - Bottom Half










4. With your fabric folded in half, cut out two of your boot pattern & your top edge piece. You will end up with 4 boot shaped pieces and 4 “top” pieces.

DIY Pirate Running Costume - Bottom Half










5. With right sides together, sew down both sides of each boot cover leaving the top and bottom open.

6. Make sure to pink or snip all the way around the edges before turning right side out.

7. With right sides together, sew down both sides of the boot top/flap. Turn right side out.

8. Sew right side of top/flap to the wrong side of the main boot cover, matching the top edge and the seams.

9. Measure around your calf where the top of the boot will hit. Cut a piece of elastic that length. Overlap the ends an inch and sew together. You will slide this up under the flap to keep your boot cover in place.

DIY Pirate Running Costume - Bottom Half










10. If you want, also attach a piece of black elastic from one side to the other to go over the instep of your shoe to hold the boot cover down

DIY Pirate Running Costume - Bottom Half





















DIY Pirate Running Costume - Bottom Half





















And there you have it – a red pirate skirt with a black petticoat and matching boot covers!

DIY Pirate Running Costume





















 To finish off your outfit, add a wide belt. I used one that was mostly elastic so that it would be comfortable to run in.  You can also add gold hoop earrings and a sword 🙂

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