Dinner at Barnie’s CoffeeKitchen

You may remember when I got to try out brunch at Barnie’s CoffeeKitchen back in September. The food was amazing and I was excited to go back and try our their dinner menu. Barnie’s serves breakfast and lunch everyday, brunch on the weekends, and dinner on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. I was in the midst of planning an outing to Barnie’s to try out dinner when I won dinner for 4 at a Yelp event at the downtown Barnie’s location. How sweet is that?

Unfortunately fall was a LOT busier than I had planned and I didn’t get around to using that free meal until December. I decided to use it as a little pre-Christmas dinner treat for a couple of friends. We met up on the Friday before Christmas for a wonderful meal. We arrived right at 6 pm when they start serving dinner and had our pick of tables. Within about half an hour though the place was buzzing – full of people picking up drinks to keep them going during their last minute holiday shopping and folks sitting down for dinner.

Our meal included appetizer, entree, and dessert so we were able to try out a few different things. It was funny because even with four of us we only tried two of the appetizers and two of the entrees. I guess we were all on the same foodie wave length that night.

Dinner at Barnie's Coffee Kitchen

For the appetizer I tried the Zellwood Corn Chowder with Spanish chorizo while my friends all got the Potato Gnocchi with duck confit. I love gnocchi, but I’m not a huge duck fan so I decided to go with the soup. Plus I was feeling a little under the weather and soup sounded wonderful. But appetizers were so tasty! I barely had a chance to grab photos of the gnocchi before it disappeared. My soup was the perfect start to our meal on a slightly cold (for Florida) night. The Spanish chorizo gave it a nice unexpected kick.

Dinner at Barnie's Coffee Kitchen

For dinner two of us got the Florida Market Fish (which was a Red Snapper), while the other two got the Kurobuta Pork Tenderlion. One of my favorite things about the meals at Barnie’s is the presentation. The food always looks beautiful! You’d never think that something this pretty, and tasty, would come out of a “coffee shop.” The fish was so fresh and flavorful. I’m not always a huge fan of fish (I tend to find a lot of fish “too fishy”) but this dish was perfect. My friends enjoyed their pork tenderlion just as much as I enjoyed my fish, so it was a win all around.

Dinner at Barnie's Coffee Kitchen

We were all pretty full after our entrees but couldn’t resist trying out dessert, so we decided to share one. Our waitress talked us into trying two and we were SO glad that we did. We had the Olive Oil Cake with Sicilian Pistachio Gelato and the Chocolate Pudding served with house-made espresso syrup. Oh my goodness! I didn’t really think I’d like an olive oil cake, but it was amazing. Its hard to explain, so I just suggest going and trying it out for yourself. And the chocolate pudding? I kept thinking “Why is she pushing PUDDING?” Well because it is freaking amazing, that’s why! This isn’t your momma’s pudding for sure.

Dinner at Barnie's Coffee Kitchen

We really enjoyed our meal at Barnie’s and I’m glad I got to share the experience with some close friends before the holidays. If you are looking for somewhere different for a meal this holiday season, or any time, definitely check them out. You won’t be disappointed.

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