I’ve seen a few blogger friends that have done a “Currently” post and I thought it was a great idea. Just a quick snapshot at whats currently going on in the world of Meghan.

Current Appreciation: Getting over my running funk and getting back out there! I love running and once I was okay to run again it seems as though I lost all my motivation. Thankfully the first week of October I cleared my schedule and worked hard to get back into it. I found my groove and I even got a 1/2 marathon PR 🙂

Current Product FindOnli beverages – these things are amazing. I had them at a Yelp Elite event in August and then again at FlBlogCon in September. They are all natural and come in a slew of fun and tasty flavors. They are a good alternative to soda, especially if you just need some fizz.

Current Eats: Fuji Apples! Man I love those things. I bought a bag at Sam’s Club recently and they seemed to disappear in no time at all. I guess I could be binge eating worse things right?

Current Beverage: See current product find above 🙂

Current Shows: Too many! Fall TV is in full swing and I’ve gone from watching no TV most of the summer to watching entirely too much. I’m very happy that The Mindy Project is back on. Man she knows how to make some funny tv. If you aren’t watching The Mindy Project, do yourself a favor and start. You’ll thank me for it. I swear. And if not, well, then I’m not sure we can be friends anymore. Just kidding. Mostly.

Currently Wearing: My running shoes more often 🙂

Current Purchases:  A super cute orange and  blue chevron Gator tank top. We actually saw a girl wearing one while we were in Gainesville for the game and tracked it down. AND it was on sale!

Current Desires: To get healthier – run more, eat better, and just take better care of myself. I need to finish out the year strong!

Current Confession: I’m enjoying listening to “All about that bass” entirely too much.



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