Create Your Own DIY Halloween Costume with Goodwill

I love Halloween! Even as an adult I love dressing up and just getting to pretend to be someone else for the night. The only downside to Halloween costumes can be the cost. Growing up my mom always made my costumes so I was shocked as an adult to learn how much they cost. But there are ways around that my friends! How you say? Head to your local Goodwill store!

For less the $25 I was able to get everything I needed, and I mean EVERYTHING, for a great costume. I picked up a dress, long sleeved shirt, skirt, basket, and some black flats. Can you guess what Disney princess I was going for?

Create Your Own DIY Costume with Goodwill

If you guessed Belle you are absolutely right! She is my favorite Disney princes because of her obsession with books. But you are probably wondering why I picked up a dress AND a skirt. Well, after a few stops at my local Goodwill stores I was unfortunately not able to to find a white apron. As I wandered up and down the aisle at my last stop it hit me – if I could find a white skirt I could make it LOOK like an apron. Thankfully I found a wonderful skirt and headed home to put my outfit together.

Create Your Own DIY Halloween Costume with Goodwill

To make the skirt look like an apron I just used three safety pins to attach it to the front of the dress. Belle had long white sleeves under her dress, so I added the long white t-shirt under my dress. I threw on the black flats, picked up the basket, and grabbed a book from my bookcase. I was all set!

Create Your Own DIY Halloween Costume with Goodwill

I think it turn out pretty darn good! And the nice thing is that it cost me less than $25 for the whole thing – basket and shoes included! I was even able to pick up another piece that I’ve turned into a not so family friendly costume that I will be sharing later. Can anyone guess where I’m going with this piece?

Create Your Own DIY Halloween Costume with Goodwill

*Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Goodwill. As always, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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