Couch to 5k – The First 4 Weeks

I survived the first 4 weeks of my Couch to 5k adventure! Today I wanted to share a few of the things I’ve learn during the first half of my journey back to running.

1. I am a wuss!

Couch to 5k - The First 4 Weeks

Out of the 12 days of running on the schedule I was only outside for 2 of them. It is just too damn hot here in Florida this summer. Even running on the treadmill I’m a sweaty mess by the end.

2. Most days it comes down to mind over matter.

Couch to 5k - The First 4 Weeks

Working full time definitely messes with exercising. After a full day of working, many days I want nothing more than to head home. That is one of the main reasons I pack my gym clothes and bring them to work. If I don’t go straight from work to the gym after work it just won’t happen. Some days I have to literally talk myself into going. Am I always happy that I go? Nope. Some days I step off the treadmill and think that I should have just gone home. But I keep going.

3. Thank goodness for YouFit!

Couch to 5k - The First 4 Weeks

If you follow me on Instagram you’ve seen me rave about my love of YouFit gyms. If it wasn’t for them and their treadmills the past 4 weeks would have been super miserable or may not have happened at all. This is by far the best $11 I spend each month (yes, my membership is just $11 a month).

4. Food Network + music = happy Meghan

Couch to 5k - The First 4 Weeks

I haven’t had cable in 8 years, so when I have access to it I take full advantage. My first day back to the gym I found Food Network and started watching. But ya know what Food Network isn’t? Very motivating. So now I bring up my playlist on Amazon music and listen to that while watching Food Network. It is the perfect combo to get me through the time of the treadmill.

Hopefully all the things I’ve learned over the last 4 weeks will get me through the next 3. I’m down to just 23 days until my ‘goal’ 5k. I’m not sure if that is a good or bad thing. Regardless, I will be out there running if it’s the last thing I do!

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