Coronavirus Pandemic – 7 weeks


Coronavirus Pandemic – 7 weeks

Unfortunately, right now all the words to describe how I’m feeling are negative. I hate it, but it is my reality right now. I decided on Thursday night that I’d had enough and I was going to stay with my parents for a bit. It had been 2+ weeks since I’d been out in the stores or anything, so I felt it was pretty safe to go see them. My plan was to work Friday morning and then go over in the afternoon, surprising my mom who I hadn’t told I was coming (I told my dad).

Friday morning while I was working I got a knock at the door. My friends had sent me a Margarita-Gram from a local taco spot. It had a container of their margaritas, limes, and even the salt. They started doing this on Fridays and its a great idea. I love that my friends thought of me and it really made my day. When I went to my parents I made sure to pack up my Margarita-Gram so that I could enjoy it over the weekend. “Weekends” aren’t as exciting as they used to be since one day just runs into the next, so it was nice to have a special treat for the weekend.

Coronavirus Pandemic – 7 weeks

I’ve been with my parents since Friday and it has been really nice. My momma really missed me, and I missed her too, so it was great to spend time with her. But weird at the same time. We are used to just doing whatever we want and going here and there, but that just isn’t possible right now. The only outing we had was when we went to a local BBQ place to pick up dinner. At least we had the chance to spend some time together and we caught up on some movies and TV that we had been wanting to watch together.

Work is okay. I’ve lost two clients since this all started, but I have gotten some work to replace some of that. I just hope that I don’t lose any more before this is all over. I know I’m SO lucky that I’m still working during this time, but that doesn’t mean that this isn’t stressful for me. I’m in no rush to “go back to normal” and risk people getting sick all over again, but I am looking forward to when things do start moving back towards normal. Or should I say our NEW normal?

This week I’m just OVER it.

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