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As I mentioned yesterday, when I was bored and looking for things to do I also came across a cookie recipe I wanted to try. It was actually one of the recipes in the weekly email that I get from Betty Crocker. The main reason that the Cinnamon-Chocolate Chip Butterballs caught my eye is because they reminded me of a cookie that my family makes at Christmas time. Since I was going to the store anyway, I decided to get the last 2 ingredients I needed and give them a try.

For the most part making these cookies was a breeze. The hardest part was cutting two sticks of butter into the dry ingredients. Sometime last year I got myself a pastry cutter and BOY was I glad I had when I was making these cookies. The back issues I’m having right now probably made it a little harder than normal, but it still wasn’t an easy task. Probably after a good 5 minutes the dough finally looked like I thought it should.












You only bake these suckers for 6-8 minutes, so it really isn’t a good idea to multitask while making these. I had time to wash a few dishes and dry my hands off before it was time to take them out of the oven.












After they cool for 20 minutes (make sure to actually let them cool for the full 20 minutes, otherwise its just messy) you roll them in a mixture of powdered sugar and cinnamon. They smelled heavenly enough as it was when I took them out of the over, but after a bath in the sugar mixture it took all I had not to eat half the batch right then and there.












The recipe only makes 3 dozen, so if you are planning on making these for a party or too give away you should probably double the recipe. Since I was just making them to try out the recipe, and not for a special occasion, one batch was more than enough. I will probably throw half the cookies in the freezer so I can bring them to my mom the next time I see her. I KNOW she will love these as much as I do.

I am VERY happy that my 2nd and 3rd P2P projects went a lot better than the first one did. Although, I think its about time to break out the sewing machine and take another crack at a sewing project. As we work our way into fall my brain keeps thinking about Christmas gifts, so now is the perfect time to start working on them.

I wonder which project I should try next….

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