Bloody Mary Monday – Tapa Toro’s Bloody Mary Recipe

I had my first Bloody Mary at Talde in Brooklyn. One of my dining companions wanted to try one but didn’t want to be the only one drinking, so I told her I would join her. HOLY HECK was that thing hot! It was very tasty, but about a third of the way in my nose was running and I couldn’t drink anymore. I was sad I couldn’t finish my drink, but excited to know that I actually liked Bloody Marys.

Fast forward to last month when I had the opportunity to try out Tapa Toro here in Orlando. In addition to being able to try out some of the amazing items on their brunch menu, we also learned how to make Chef Wendy’s famous Bloody Mary. And we got to make them ourselves! So today I am sharing that amazing recipe with all of you.

Bloody Mary Monday - Tapa Toro's Bloody Mary Recipe

Tapa Toro Bloody Mary Recipe
4oz of Tapa Toro Gazpacho
1oz of Worcestershire Sauce
½ Lime and ½ Lemon
1 pinch of Fresh Black Pepper
1 pinch of Sea Salt
Habanero Sauce (to your taste – normally 1/2 a teaspoon)
1½ oz EG Vodka
Collins Glass (Tajín )

Bloody Mary Monday - Tapa Toro's Bloody Mary Recipe

The thing that really makes this recipe is using Tapa Toro’s Gazpacho instead of plain tomato juice. Since you can’t juice walk into the grocery store and pick this up, I recommend finding a gazpacho recipe that you like and going from there. You can use it for your drinks and as part of brunch!

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