Bite30 – Orlando’s 30-Day Restaurant Week

Twice a year in Orlando we have restaurant events where you get a chance to check out some of the best Orlando restaurants at a discount. June is the first of those events – Bite30!

Bite30 is Orlando’s 30-Day Restaurant Week, featuring the best local restaurants and chefs driving Orlando’s culinary scene. From June 1-30, participating restaurants offer special prix fixe menus that offer multi-course dinners at a set price ($30 for dinner). Diners get the opportunity to try multiple dishes on the restaurant’s menu for about the cost of a single entree, and restaurants get to showcase their specialty dishes to the new customers attracted by the Bite30 menu! Restaurant-hop through the City Beautiful, experience delicious food, service and ambiance of the restaurants you really should know about.

Bite30 - Orlando's 30-Day Restaurant Week

So how does it work? It’s simple!

1) Check out the listed restaurant menus.
2) Choose your restaurant.
3) GO EAT!

There’s no need for special cards or coupons, just ask for the Bite30 menu.

Bite30 - Orlando's 30-Day Restaurant Week

These great restaurants are offering you a great deal, delicious food and fantastic service so you can experience the best they have to offer. It’s a great way to try diverse dishes, multiple courses and many unique restaurants … all at a discount! Dine out as much as you can, and bring your friends! Bite30 is always best when experienced with great company!

Bite30 - Orlando's 30-Day Restaurant Week

Bite30 is a great time to check out local restaurants that you haven’t had a chance to visit yet or try something new at one of your favorites. I’ve been a fan of Reel Fish Coastal Kitchen since they opened, but I will definitely be checking out their Bite30 menu.  How can you pass up a Seafood Bake made with Florida fresh shrimps? Follow up your meal with some key lime pie and its the perfect Florida meal.

Where would you go first during Bite30?

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