Birthday Week: 38 Fun Meghan Facts

In honor of my upcoming 38th birthday (on Sunday) I decided to share 38 fun, weird, and random facts about myself that you may, or may not, already know!

Birthday Week: 38 Fun Meghan Facts

1. I’m an only child
2. I’m a 2nd generation Floridian
3. I’ve lived within 100 miles of my hometown my whole life
4. I have a degree in Sociology from the University of Florida
5. I bleed Orange and Blue (see above)
6. Both of my hips were dislocated when I was born
7. I don’t eat steak
8. I HATE flying
9. I was married before
10. I met my best friend through my ex-husband
11. I only applied to one college (thankfully I got in)
12. My last two cars were the same make, model, and color
13. I swear like a sailor
14. I actually really like both of my parents
15. I love tacos. Like a lot.
16. I’ve been blogging for 6+ years
17. I’m an ambassador for 3 races series’
18. I’ve run 18 half marathons (19, 20, and 21 are on the schedule for later this year)
19. I’m traveling to Europe for the first time later this year
20. Last year, after drinking sweet tea for my ENTIRE LIFE, I switched to drinking unsweet tea (thanks Whole30)
21. I will pretty much eat any sea/water creature
22. I’ve seen the band Live in concert 9 times
23. I bought my first home in 2015
24. I hate when I get money from the ATM and it isn’t all facing the same way
25. I’m still friends with my best friend from the 1st grade
26. If I had to buy another house anywhere, it would be by the water… even if it had to be tiny
27. I once traveled to Chicago with my mom to attend a David Bowie concert
28. I was almost hit by a race car at the Daytona International Speedway
29. I am NOT related to David Lee Roth
30. I used to run a senior activity center
31. I’m pretty sure that I’m Jewish (not Catholic)
32. I haven’t had cable for 7.5 years
33. Ticking clocks drive me CRAZY and I can’t sleep if there is one in the room
34. I met actress Jennie Garth last year and hung out with her on an RV
35. I’ve flown more in the last 2.5 years than in the 35 years prior
36. Minions are my favorite
37. I love watching college football and well at the TV while doing so
38. I got my first tattoo earlier this year at 37

So there ya have it. A bunch of random, weird, and fun facts about me in honor of my 38th year. He’s to another successful trip around the sun.

If you had to share one random, weird or fun fact about yourself, what would it be?

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