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Be Creative House - Bumble and Bumble distributor for Texas, Louisiana and Florida

Be.Creative House is the distributor of Bumble and bumble products for Texas, Louisiana and Florida. Their sole purpose is to continuously improve the support of the Bb.Network Salons, to provide advanced education and to help the salons grow their business. They offer local education in addition to education at The House of Bumble in New York. What does this mean for you? It means free salon services!

Be.Creative House is always looking for “hair models” to use in their classes. If you get scheduled for a styling appointment you also get a free Bumble and bumble product. If you get scheduled for a hair cut, you get the cut and consultation. Either way you get free services from a licensed stylist. These are all folks who have been doing hair for years and are just looking to further their education. Sounds great right?

I heard about this program from a friend of mine that loves it. They offer everything from blow outs to hair cuts. The past weekend I signed up at the last minute for a Long Layered Razor Cut. I have pretty long hair so usually it just ends up in a pony tail or pulled back with barrettes. I rarely ever get my hair cut because I usually can’t decide what style to go with, so I was hoping that being forced into it would get me to make some decisions.

BeCreative House

When you arrive you get checked in and then, if you are early like I was, you get to relax in their library. Its filled with tons of beautiful fashion books along with drinks and snacks for you to enjoy. It was nice to have a minute to chill out and chat with some of the other “models.” Once it was time to get started we were lead out to the “salon” area where we were each paired up with a stylist. Earlier in the day they had a class/lesson and now it was time for them to practice what they learned. As I mentioned before all the stylists having been doing hair for years and are just learning new things. The whole time their teacher was going around helping out and guiding them through the process.

BeCreative HouseOnce we were paired up with our stylist they talked with each of us about what we wanted. My stylist Kimberly was just great! I told her that I was pretty much open to anything. I hadn’t had my hair cut (more than a trim) in years and I was open to suggestion. I told her that during the week I usually pull my hair back for work and that I also need to be able to pull it back for running. I mentioned liking the long bangs on the girl sitting next to me but was afraid to try it. We decided to take about 4 inches off the bottom and add some long bangs. The class was for long layers, so those were thrown in there as well.

BeCreative HouseThe whole process took about 2 hours and I really enjoyed it. I felt very comfortable with my stylist and never felt like I was going to hate the outcome. And I loved my new hair! Some of the classes they teach are styling classes where nothing permanent is done to your hair. I’m looking forward to trying one of those out as well.

If you are interested in checking out the program, get in contact with Roxanna Malidelis ( who is the Model Coordinator for Be.Creative House. Just tell her that Meghan sent you 🙂 Maybe we’ll get to be models together one day.



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    • Meghan says:

      That is kinda how I felt. I am completely unmotivated when it comes to my hair. Since my visit I’ve been putting a lot (for me) of effort into my hair.

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