Are you ready for the next round of Best Damn Races?

Today the registration dates for the next round of Best Damn Races were announced!

Best Damn Race

Best Damn Race has a pretty neat pricing structure. When registration opens on at noon on the first day, registration for ANY race distance starts at just $1. Then it goes up so much after so many people register. For example, this is what the pricing structure looks like for the Cape Coral 1/2 marathon.

  • 1-10 = $1
  • 11-20 = $5
  • 21-30 = $10
  • 31-40 = $15
  • 41-100 = $35
  • 101-500 = $50
  • 501-750 = $65
  • 751+ = $75

If you are one of the first 100 people to register, it will cost you $35 or less. Even if you are one of the first 500 it will still only be $50. How cool is that??

Best Damn Race Orlando 2014

Below are all the race dates for “next season” along with the registration dates. The registration for the first two races opens this month, and the second two will be next month. Keep in mind that my $5 off code (which will be available again) won’t work until at least two weeks AFTER registration opens. So if you plan on running any of these races, its always a good idea to try and register that first day. Most likely if you register on the first day you will get in for cheaper than what it will cost you two weeks later with my code. So just go for it!

Best Damn Race Cape Coral

BDR Cape Coral – 12.13.15 (Sunday)
Registration opens 1 week from today – 3.13.15 (Friday) at 12 pm EST
Price Structure has been posted here and you can get in for as little as $1!

Best Damn Race Jacksonville

BDR Jacksonville – 1.16.16 (Saturday)
Registration opens 3.20.15 (Friday) at 12 pm EST
Price Structure will be announced soon.

Best Damn Race - Safety Harbor

BDR Safety Harbor – 2.6.16 (Saturday)
Registration opens 4.1.15 (Wed) at 12pm EST
Price Structure will be the same as 2015 Race.

Best Damn Race Orlando 2015

BDR Orlando – 2.27.16 (Saturday) or 3.5.16 (waiting on approval from Lake Eola)
Registration opens 4.17.15

*Disclosure: I am a Best Damn Race ambassador and have been from the beginning. I love this race series and would promote it even if I wasn’t an ambassador. 

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