And here we go again!

I have been trying to write a new post about “things” recently, but haven’t known where to start. Then I read a similar type post over on my friend Steph’s blog and it got me going in the right direction…

Running this year has sucked. Yes I’ve run a 5k, a 10k, and a half marathon, but it has all been SO hard. I barely ran after the half marathon and I haven’t run since the 10k (a combination of needing to recover and having issues with my knee). I’ve just been a little stressed out the last month or so and it has made me a bit… unmotivated. Even though I knew I should be putting on my running shoes and hitting the pavement, I just didn’t want to. Thankfully, I’m actually down a pound since January 1 but I still feel… off. I want to get back out there. I want to feel like a runner again.

My mom and grandpa bought me an amazing pair of running shoes at the Fit for a Princess Expo before the Princess 1/2 Marathon, but they were a birthday gift. Thankfully when I was visiting them last week I was able to convince them to let me take them home. Tomorrow I’m bringing them to work and then taking them for a couple laps around the lake when I get off. I WILL get back to running. I WILL get back to feeling like myself again. How could I not in these awesome shoes??

GEL-Noosa Tri 7 T264N Womens

I know they look like they are straight out of the 80s, but have you noticed that like ALL the new running gear this year is neon colors. And hey, I won’t hear anyone saying “but I didn’t see you there!” now will I? I love my new shoes and I will use them as a motivator…

I will run the 3 days a week that I have on my training schedule.

I will get myself back to actually feeling like a runner when I tell people I’m a runner.

I will run so that when I indulge in a drink or two this weekend I won’t feel horrible about it the next day.

I will run by myself, with friends, and on the days that I don’t want to run.

I will run so that I can make sure that my 2nd trip to the Rock N Roll Savannah 1/2 marathon is ANOTHER PR.

I will run so that I can feel as strong as I actually am.

I will run because no one can stop me.

I will run for me.



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