Accountability Update

July 2011: 164 pounds

August 16, 2011: 163 pounds

Wooo… or something. At least I’m not up right? The last month since my accountability post was just blah. I ran twice the first week and twice the second week, but then my hip decided to act up and I didn’t run for the last two weeks. When I got up this morning I decided enough was enough. I put on my running shoes and headed to the gym. I walked a mile at a 15 minute pace and then did a mile on the bike. Nothing extraordinary but at least I was moving. AND, my hip doesn’t hurt anymore than it did when I got up. So that’s a plus right?

I need to find a race for September. I skipped August because its just too darn hot in Florida to be running outside for any extended period of time. I admire the folks who’s blogs I read who are still out there running in this heat. I can’t decide if they are dedicated or just plain crazy 😉 Anyway, back to the September race… I planned on running a longer race in September since I have the 1/2 marathon in November. BUT, the race I thought was a 10k in September is actually at 15k and I’m just not sure I can swing that at the moment. Yes its at the end of September and I have a month and a half to prepare, but I just don’t want to push it. I’m thinking maybe I will register for something shorter and then if things are going really well I can register at the last minute. Or, does anyone know of any 10k races that are local or within a reasonable driving distance for September? Suggestions are always welcome.

But for now, I will just try not to go two weeks again without running. The plan is to get up tomorrow morning and do this all over again. Maybe i’ll even RUN that mile 😉

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