6 goals in 6 weeks – The end! #6in6

The end is here! The end is here!

6 goals in 6 weeks #6in6

1. Read 6 books – I’ve still only finished 2. I’ve carried book #3 around with me for the last 3 weeks and just didn’t get around to reading it.

2. Complete 6 week 1/2 marathon training plan – (See last weeks notes) So, this didn’t quite go as planned but I do have some exciting news to share – I got a PR (personal record) at my 1/2 marathon yesterday. I’m not going to go into it too much today because I’m saving that for its own post, but it was unexpected and totally awesome.

3. Only eat out twice a week – I actually only ate out 4 times, so I guess that isn’t TOO bad. Especially considering that I was at home Saturday & Sunday for the 1/2 marathon.

4. Lose 6 pounds – I lost 3 pounds! It wasn’t 6, but it was something.

5. Only consume dairy once a week – I had diary twice this week – oops

6. Call my grandma every week – I did talk to my grandma this week and I sent her a card.

All in all this go round of 6 goals in 6 weeks didn’t go any better or any worse than the last time. I still feel like I made some forward progress with some of my goals, so that is better than nothing. And I’ve learned a lot about myself…. I like cheese too much, I should eat out less, and I seem to have a big problem with structured training plans.

I have another half marathon in 7 weeks and I do plan to give the training plan another go. I’m giving myself this week “off” and then I’ll start the 6 week plan next week. It will help me stay on track with my running as it always gets harder around the holidays. My PR from yesterday really has me motivated to do it again in December 🙂

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