5 Super Cool Summer Treats

During the summer time here in Florida I’m constantly thinking about cool treats. The highs have been in the upper 90s for weeks now and every time you walk outside you wanna melt. So it is nice to have some cool treats on had for those times when you really just need to cool off.

I LOVE ice cream, but between the calories and the dairy I try not to keep it around the house. Plus if I do have it I tend to eat WAY too much of it. So today I’m sharing with you some of my favorite non-dairy (for the most part), cool summer treats.

Iced Coffee

I love coffee but sometimes when its 95 degrees outside you just don’t want a cup of hot coffee. A couple of weeks ago I made a tasty cup of iced coffee using Nutpods non-dairy creamer and it has quickly become a tasty summer staple.

Nutpods Whole 30 Iced Coffee

Arctic Zero

Non-dairy frozen dessert for the win! I love this stuff! Its a great alternative to regular dairy ice cream. It is non-dairy, super tasty, and low in calories. Plus you won’t find any artificial flavors, sweeteners or colors in these guys either. Add in their super tasty line-up of flavors and this becomes the perfect cool summer treat!

5 Super Cool Summer Treats

Best Damn Cherry Cola

I was introduced to Best Damn Root Beer at one of the Best Damn Race’s last season. Alcoholic root beer – Cool right? Well then I found out that they also make Best Damn Cherry Cola. I’m not a huge fan of colas in general, but I do get a craving for cherry cola every once in awhile. Now I can have that and an alcoholic beverage and all I have to do is pop open a bottle. It isnt quite as carbonated as regular soda, but it is still a great cool treat for those times when you want a tasty adult beverage.

Halo Top Ice Cream

This is the one dairy treat that made it on to the list. Why? Because it is SO tasty and it is healthy. You read that right – healthy ice cream! Halo Top is low-calorie, high-protein, and low-sugar, and they use only the best, all-natural ingredients to craft their ice cream so that it tastes just like regular ice cream. And it really does! Most pints are only 240-280 calories, for the whole thing, so if you do go on a bender and eat the whole thing you won’t be left feeling bad about eat a day’s worth of calories.

5 Super Cool Summer Treats

Really want to have some fun? Use some Halo Top Ice Cream and a bottle of Best Damn Cherry Cola to make the ultimate grown up float!


Watermelon has always been one of my top summer time treats. It is tasty, sweet, fresh, and super cool. And if you are a slacker like me you troll the Publix ad to see when the cut up stuff is going to be BOGO and stock up!

So there ya have it – my sorta healthy, sorta non-dairy, super tasty list of cool summer treats. What is your favorite cool summer treat?

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