48 Hours in Safety Harbor, FL – 5 Things You MUST Do!

I hate to pick favorites, but Safety Harbor IS my favorite of the Best Damn Race series races. It’s the original race and the first one I ever did. Eight years later and my love for this race has only grown. It is the official start of the spring race season and the BDR season, so it is always a ton of fun. And now that Best Damn Race has events on both Saturday and Sunday, you’ve got another reason to make a weekend out of it.

So today I’m sharing 5 things that you MUST do when you visit Safety Harbor. Even if you don’t go for BDR (which I’m not sure why you wouldn’t), there are plenty of reasons to check out this tiny town.

1. Eat at Bar Fly (more than once if you can)

48 Hours in Safety Harbor, FL - 5 Things You MUST Do!

Bar Fly has become a Best Damn Race tradition. It started with going there on Friday night. Then it turned into our post-race lunch spot. And now it seems that we end up there both days! They are right across the street from the race start/expo/race finish, so it is VERY convenient. They also have great food, a fun atmosphere, and a fabulous craft beer selection.

2. See a Movie (or Eat or Drink) at Gigglewaters

48 Hours in Safety Harbor, FL - 5 Things You MUST Do!

I know what you are thinking… what the hell is a Gigglewaters? Gigglewaters is a “social club and screening room.” What exactly does that mean? It means it is a super cool place with yummy food, a crazy drink menu, and a screening room in the back where you can watch your favorite movies! You can eat and drink in the screening room, so it is the perfect date night or girl’s night out. They even have a special cocktail each night that goes along with the movie. Just do yourself a favor and go there okay?

3. Don’t Drive!

One of the BEST things about Safety Harbor is that it is walkable. When we arrive on Friday night we park the cars and don’t get in them again until Sunday when it is time to leave. There are so many great things about this – you don’t have to worry about parking, or having a designated driver, or not being able to fit everyone in one car. Just wear a comfy pair of shoes and you are all set!

4. Go see the Sunset in Clearwater Beach

48 Hours in Safety Harbor, FL - 5 Things You MUST Do!

One of my favorite things to do when I’m in Safety Harbor is head over to the coast and watch the sunset. Being from the east coast I’ve seen my fair share of sunrises, but I don’t get to see the sunset as often. One year while In Safety Harbor my bestie and I pretty much chased the sun to the west coast. On a whim we decided to go see the sunset and then realized it was just about time. It was fun “chasing the sun,” but I recommend makes plans to do this ahead of time so that you can relax and enjoy yourself.

5. Run Best Damn Race

48 Hours in Safety Harbor, FL - 5 Things You MUST Do!

You didn’t really think I’d make a list about the top things to do in Safety Harbor and NOT include BDR did you? The expo is fabulous, the people are incredible, the courses are amazing, the post-race party is EPIC (yup, I said EPIC), and there is more beer than you could ever imagine. And now you can do it two days in a row! How can you go wrong? Plus that second day of running just means that you can eat and drink a little extra.

48 Hours in Safety Harbor, FL - 5 Things You MUST Do!

So hopefully the next time you are looking for a weekend away in Florida you will consider Safety Harbor. It is low key in the very best way and one of the highlights of my year.

*PS – If you haven’t signed up for BDR Safety Harbor, it isn’t too late. If you haven’t signed up for BDR Savannah, Orlando, and/or New Orleans, it isn’t too late AND you can use code MEGROTH to save 10%. Just sayin.

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