4 Ways to Get 2017 Off to a Running Start

At the start of the year tons of people are sitting down to write out their list of New Year’s Resolutions. But as I mentioned before, I HATE New Year’s Resolutions. So today I am sharing 4 ways to get your 2017 off to a running (ha ha) start. Following these tips can help you get a little bit closer to your goals every day.

1. Join A Run Club

4 Ways to Get 2017 Off to a Running Start

Most towns have some sort of run club that meets during the week, at night or in the morning, that are a great way to find a support system. These clubs help to hold you accountable. I am part of the Ten10 Run Club here in Orlando and it is a blast. The group meets on Tuesday nights and there are 2 mile, 5k, and 10k routes available. After the run everyone hangs around Ten10 Brewing, where the runs start, to enjoy some tasty local beers together. How can you go wrong with running AND beer? Regardless of where your local club meets or what the do afterwards, it is still a good way to get at least a run or two in each week.

2. Find A Running Buddy

4 Ways to Get 2017 Off to a Running Start

Accountability folks! You are much more apt to go for a run if you made plans to meet up with someone to do so. When it is just up to you to get up at the butt crack of dawn on a Saturday to run it is REALLY easy just to turn off your alarm and go back to sleep. But if you have plans to meet a friend at the butt crack of dawn you probably won’t turn off the alarm and leave them standing in the cold all alone.

3. Buy A New Running Shirt

4 Ways to Get 2017 Off to a Running Start

I know this sounds silly, but a new running shirt can be very motivating. I’ve had numerous times when I’ve gotten a new running shirt and the first thought to pop into my head was “I can’t wait to wear this running!” I personally love the shirts with fun sayings from 73Threads. They have funny saying, shirts with lots of local love, and even shirts for the tri athletes out there. Even if 73Threads isn’t your thing, pick out a special new shirt to get your started this year.

4. Pick A Goal Race

4 Ways to Get 2017 Off to a Running Start

There are lots of reasons to pick a certain race to be your “goal race.” It can be any distance that works for you, for me this year it is going to be a 1/2 marathon. One you pick your distance, then you have to pick which race to run that distance at. You can pick it based on the course, the location, or even because it has a cool medal. *Shameless plug time* If you want a goal race with an awesome course, and awesome location, and a SUPER awesome medal I would suggest looking into a Best Damn Race.

I’ll be heading to Safety Harbor for the 5th Annual Best Damn Race in February and I’m so excited! Great courses, great location (with amazing views), and some fabulous 5th Anniversary medals featuring Milton the Manatee. Why wouldn’t you pick this to be your goal race?

I hope that these simple tips will help you to get your running year off to a good start! I know I will be using these four things to help get my year off to a good start. Good race here I come!

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