300 Miles in 2011!

So I’ve seen on a couple other blogs where people have made goals for how far they want to run in 2011. Some have been 500 miles. Some have been 1000 miles. But I’m going to start with something a bit more¬†manageable… 300 miles. Thats about 25 miles per month, with around 6 miles per week. Totally doable right?

So I’m going to start a 300 miles in 2011 page to track my running (totally another idea I borrowed from another runner). Maybe it everyone can see what I’m running, or not running, it will motivate me a little more.

So far I’m at about 17.5 miles for 2011, which was way below where I need to be, but after the 1/2 marathon on Sunday that will be 13 miles higher. Woo hoo!

Wish me luck!

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