11 hours to go!

In less than 11 hours the first group of runners will take off for the Savannah Rock N Roll 1/2 & Full Marathon.

It is supposed to be 47 degrees at the start.

There are around 23,000 people running the race tomorrow.

I’ll be getting up around 5 am to make sure I get to parking and then to the start line on time.

I have to maintain a 13:45 min/mile in order to finish in 3 hours.

I have all my gear laid out on the other bed so that getting dressed in the morning goes smoothly.

I have my phone on the charger.

My gear check bag is packed and I have the things I’m leaving in my car set aside.

I’ve run around my room fully dressed a couple of times to see what gear I want to bring/use.

My stomach is doing flips – partially from dinner and partially from nerves. Or may its just nerves.

I have two alarms set because I am TERRIFIED that I’ll sleep through my alarm.

I wish woofer was here so I didn’t have to sleep by myself.




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  1. customtripplanning says:

    Goo luck tomorrow!!! My 17-year-old, a high school distance runner (5K in x-c and 1 mile in track) will be running his first half marathon on Sunday. See my blog for how he got to run on the track in Oxford, England!!!

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