10 things on 10-10-10

This idea was totally stolen from another blog I read, but since I wanted to post but am too tired to put too much thought into it this is perfect.

1. date #3 was last night 🙂

2. went to the 1st Magic game in the new Amway Center today.

3. spent yesterday in Gainesville for work.

4. i have tons of baking and various crafty things to do over the next 3 days for the bake sale this weekend.

5. going to see Bush with Rob & Laura on Thursday. Mmmmm, Gavin.

6. Mediation is still 18 days away. Good lord.

7. I’m super excited about the Halloween party I’m going to. Not so excited about my lack of a date for it. Bummer.

8. I’m very much looking forward to a short work week and a 3 day weekend… especially since I get to spend it with my Tampa crew 🙂

9. met THE cutest little boy tonight! He spent awhile licking my arm and sticking his tongue out at me. But as soon as he held my hand on the way to the car I was in love.

10. even on the worst of days, this face makes it all better.

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