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For my first From Pinterest to Projects project I decided to do this “10 minute” apron made from a vintage pillow case. Easy enough right? I know how to sew. I’ve made WAY more complicated projects. AND I have a spiffy sewing machine. Not so much.














I picked this project because I happened to have everything I needed all ready on hand. I actually started this project on Wednesday night. Then worked on it again Friday night. And then finally finished it last night. I don’t want to trash the original poster or her instructions, but I did feel a little like strangling her Friday night. I was also having some issues with my sewing machine, so I was trying not to blame her. I did feel a little better when my mom, who is one HELL of a seamstress, emailed me Saturday morning after looking over the directions and agreed that there were some things missing from it.

Problems aside, it did turn out pretty cute. I was able to use a vintage pillow case that my bestie had gotten me and now I have a cute apron with pockets for when I’m working on other crafty projects. AND it is orange. Can’t go wrong there!













So there it is, I have completed my first From Pinterest to Projects project! I think for my next project I am going to pick something that does NOT involve sewing until I can figure out what the machine’s problem is. Decisions decisions.

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