The ups and downs

The year got off to a GREAT start in the world of running. I completed my first 5k virtual race on New Years Eve and then ran 2 more days that week. They weren’t the best runs, but I got out there. Go me right?!

Then this week happened. I went back to work on Monday for the first time after 17 days off. I know, I shouldn’t be complaining  – I had 17 days off. But holy cow did this week suck! My first day back was a great big cluster and it just kept on from there. Each day had its own special kind of awful going on. It was not a good week and believe me I am GLAD it is over.

The worst thing about this week is that my motivation went out the window. Everyday I would get home and just be so drained from the day that all I wanted to do was plant my behind on the couch. Some nights that is exactly what I did. Other nights I did things around the house to try and make up for not running. But in the end I did not run one single day this week. Not cool Meghan, not cool.

So while I was sitting here trying to figure out what to do to get myself going again I noticed a small package that had been sitting on the table for a few days. What was it you ask? My medals from Jost Running for their January virtual races. *light bulb* I used the December virtual 5k to get myself motivated last week and I will use the January virtual 5k to get myself motivated this week. I mean how can you NOT be motivated by this sparkle?

5K 10K for site.jpg

So tomorrow morning, come hell or high water (hopefully it won’t be raining – I REALLY don’t like running in the rain), I will drag my lazy butt out of bed and get 3.1 miles under my belt. On of my best girls is running the Walt Disney World 1/2 marathon tomorrow so the least I can do is run a measly 3.1 miles right?

What are YOU doing to get yourself motivated this year?

PS – If you are interested in trying out a Jost Running virtual race this year, use discount code Countdown to save 10% off any January race!


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