Rock N’ Roll Lisbon 1/2 Marathon Training

It is hard to believe that in 73 days I will be headed to Lisbon to run the Rock n’ Roll 1/2 marathon there. This trip is full of SO many firsts for me – first trip to Europe, first trans-Atlantic flight, first overnight flight, first using my passport, and first time running in another country. I am so excited!

Rock N' Roll Lisbon 1/2 Marathon Training

Since this race is such a big deal, in so many ways, I am doing my best to stick to a training plan that I started last week. Two 3-4 mile runs during the week with increasingly longer runs on the weekend. Since it was the first week it was all 3 mile runs, so nothing insane.

Rock N' Roll Lisbon 1/2 Marathon Training

Unfortunately due to the fact that I haven’t been running much lately and the pinched nerve in my left foot (ouch), those short three mile runs have been rough. Add in the fact that some days its still over 85 degrees at 7 pm and its been intense.

Rock N' Roll Lisbon 1/2 Marathon Training

Thankfully I have Ten10 Run Club on Tuesday nights. This motivated me to get out and run, I get to see my friends, and I finish up the evening with a tasty beer. Even last week when it was MISERABLY hot, we still had a lot of fun. It is something that I’m glad I got back to and look forward to every week.

Rock N' Roll Lisbon 1/2 Marathon Training

For this weekend’s run I met up with my friend Lita at Lake Baldwin for a loop around the lake. One loop is just under 3 miles, but we kept going to get to the 3 miles. We started at 6:45 am and it was already hot and steamy (welcome to summer in Florida!).

Rock N' Roll Lisbon 1/2 Marathon Training

My second weekday run each week will probably be done on the treadmill at the gym. I can head there right after work and get in my 3-4 miles in the AC! This week I changed things up and headed to Yoga on the Pitch with Orlando Pride soccer team. It was so cool! The weather was a little sketchy, but thankfully it cleared up in time and we were able to have our yoga practice out on the field. Hopefully they will do it again soon… or maybe in the fall when it is a bit cooler.

Here’s hoping that week 2 is a little bit easier than week 1!

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