Taste! Central Florida 2017 Golden Ticket Raffle

Leading up to the Taste! Central Florida event on August 19, 2017, they will be holding a Golden Ticket raffle. If you find the Golden Ticket at any of the 22 participating restaurants, you will win two tickets to this year’s event.

Taste! Central Florida 2017 Golden Ticket Raffle

How does this work? Each participating restaurant will receive a bundle of envelopes. Within each envelope is either a “silver ticket” with a discount code for real tickets, or a “golden ticket” with instructions on how to redeem your complementary event tickets. Participating locations will be listed on their website and throughout social media updates.

Taste! Central Florida 2017 Golden Ticket Raffle

How do I get an envelope? While dining, simply ask your server if they have any Taste! Golden Ticket game envelopes available. If there are any left, you will be handed a teal-colored envelope that may contain either a winning golden ticket, or a silver ticket that contains a discount code to purchase tickets.

Taste! Central Florida 2017 Golden Ticket Raffle

What are the rules? There is only one concrete rule: In order to participate, you must be dining at that establishment. Please note that some restaurants may limit the number of envelopes per table, per day. We just ask that you play fairly, have fun, and be sure to share on social!

I found a Golden Ticket! What now? Now is the fun part! In your envelope, you will also find instructions on how to redeem your prize. Celebrate! Inform your server. Pull out your phones/cameras, snap a shot, and share via your favorite social media channels with hashtag #TasteCFL. Please be sure to tag us on Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter!

And that’s it! Have fun with it, and thank you again for participating in our Golden Ticket game! If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Melissa Kear at mkear@feedhopenow.org.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/TasteCentralFlorida
Twitter: @TasteCFL
Instagram: @TasteCFL #TasteCFL

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