Restaurant Review: Toasted

Toasted is in a very busy shopping plaza that just might be the death of me. Menchie’s is next door, Tijuana Flats is two doors down, they just opened a cupcake shop next door, and I can see Whole Foods from their front door. DANGEROUS!


Toasted specializes in crafted grilled cheese sandwiches, burgers and natural cut fries. They are a cute little shop (emphasis on the little) with so many interesting details. There is a Periodic Table of Cheese on the wall, cheese grater light fixtures, and the table numbers are the “cheese elements” from the wall. You order at the counter and then they bring you your food. I was there right around 5 pm and didn’t have to wait to order and there were plenty of places to sit. But by the time I left about 25 minutes later the place was hopping. I guess getting there at 5 was the way to go.

Their menu includes grilled cheese sandwiches, burgers, fries, a couple salads, and a couple desserts. They even have a full vegan section. Although Toasted is not a 100% Vegan establishment, they have created a Vegan menu that was designed specifically for the Vegan palate. They even make their own Vegan cheese. How cool is that?


I decided to go with the Blackberry Melt which was amazing! It was Fontina cheese, applewood smoked bacon, blackberry mash, and arugula on locally sourced artisan bread. Yum yum yum. I really enjoyed having a “different” grilled cheese. It came out piping hot and perfectly crispy.

I must admit that I thought the pricing was a little high. $7 for a grilled cheese with no sides? I wasn’t too terribly worried because I was treating myself, but when I realized that I could have gotten a burger for the same price I was a little confused. Don’t get me wrong it was amazing and I will definitely be back, but it won’t be a regular thing due to the prices. Combine that with the out of the way (for me) location and it makes it even less likely that it will be a regular hang out for me.

I posted some pictures on Instagram after my visit and they were nice enough to make some comments. I mentioned that they needed to be close to me in Altamonte and they replied saying that they were working on finding a location there that would work. I always love when local businesses actually respond to you on social media. Its fun and makes me feel like that actually care what people think. So if you guys (and gals) are reading this, you rock!

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