Oh yeah, I got divorced!

So in all the craziness that have been the last two weeks, I somehow COMPLETELY forgot to mention that on March 29, 2011 my divorce was FINAL! (oh yeah, I was totally doing a happy dance at the courthouse). I had to go in to see a judge about getting my maiden name back (that’s just how it works here in our state) and didn’t realize until I got there that my divorce would be final, right then. It was such an awesome feeling. When the judge okay’d everything she said “Congratulations. Or good luck. I’m never sure what to say in these cases.” I just laughed and told her it was a little of both.

It was a totally weird feeling. I was SO freaking happy to have all of this over and done with. The process took WAY longer than it should have (19 months) and I was ready. It’s still very weird saying “ex-husband.” It still doesn’t always seem real. Really, he’s not my problem anymore?! I hate that I’m 31 and divorced. I never thought this is where I would be at this point in my life. But I’m very glad that it’s all over with and now I can REALLY start to move on. Most people who haven’t been divorced, or had a quick/easy/fast divorce, just don’t get it. You have no idea how many times I’ve heard “But he’s been gone for a year and a half” when I mention just needing to be able to move on. It’s hard to move on with all the out there looming over your head. I needed it to be final. I needed my debit card and drivers license to not have his name on them anymore. I need to be able to say ex-husband and recently divorced instead of husband and almost divorced. March 29, 2011 was a good day.

And now, we move on!

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