IOA Corporate 5k

On Thursday April 14 I joined my friend Melissa (along with her boyfriend and co-workers) to participate in the IOA Corporate 5k in Downtown. It was a night race on a Thursday with a great big party afterwards. Okay 🙂 Melissa wanted to walk and since the first time I’d run this month was the night before I was totally okay with that. It was very nice, but slightly strange, doing this event at night. But it was the perfect night for it. The weather was beautiful! The only “down side” to the event was that my ex-husband was there and even with 15k people (yes, 15 THOUSAND) we managed to see him. Sigh. I didn’t see him again until we got near the finish line. I told Melissa that we had to run the rest and took off. As I rounded the corner to approach the finish line I saw him walking along. I said “I don’t think so!” (outloud. I really had no idea I’d said it outloud.) and went even faster. Oh yeah, I beat his lazy a$$. Tee hee. Sorry, it just felt good to do it. It felt even better know that if I’d actually run that race that I would have finished a good 20 minutes before he did.

It was a fun event and I’m definitely ready to run some more this month. The summer heat is all ready here (high of 88 for today) and terrified at what running will be like when summer ACTUALLY gets here. So I need to get a move on so I don’t die some June.

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