Heartsong Cookies and Moo Truck

Through my job I’ve gotten to meet a lot of wonderful small business owners. I found out this past weekend that one of my favorite’s, Kathy from Heartsong Cookies, was getting a cookies and milk food truck. Say what!? She recently put a deposit on a beautiful vintage 1977 ice cream truck that will soon become the Heartsong Cookies and Moo truck. She’ll be able to bring her wonderful cookies, along with milk flavored with homemade syrups, to a food truck pod near you!

Image Source: Heartsong Cookies

Some upgrades and improvements need to be made to her darling little truck so she started a Kickstarter project in hopes of raising the needed funds. Since she told me about this on Sunday I’ve checked out her Kickstarter project, made a contribution, and posted about it on my Facebook page. It has lead to my friends posting about it on their pages and some of them even making contributions as well. I’ve noticed that over the last 24 hours other folks have found out about her Kickstarter project/food truck idea and are helping to spread the word. It is amazing!

So if you love cookies, love milk, and love helping new businesses get off the ground, make sure to check out Heartsong Cookies and Moo truck on Kickstarter. Every little bit helps!

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