Do YOU talk about pee?

So in case you haven’t noticed by now, my brain is ALL OVER the place. I can’t really call this a running blog, or a crafty blog, or a reading blog because I can never seem to keep on track with any one thing. Today’s post is a fine example of that…

For the past two days my bestie and I have been talking about 2 things:

  • my future rich husband who will allow me to be a SAHMommy blogger
  • Pee (and not dog or cat pee for once)

I know, weird topics huh?

Well the first one is something that we wander to when we need to play make believe for awhile. And this week it went to the SAHMommy blog because of pregnant friends and friends trying to get pregnant. Everyone has babies on the brain lately. We both talked about when I’d be staying home with my kids and writing a super popular mommy blog.

The second topic was due to a certain type of infection that women get that has to do with peeing. I won’t get into it cause, well, it’s a bit too TMI for even me. What I WILL get into is how I got a recommendation from two different people to try out Azo to help with this particular problem. It is an OTC drug that is supposed to help with this particular problem. It doesn’t cure it, but helps make it a bit less… painful. So I got some last night and tried it out. Imagine my surprise when I went to go pee later and it was like BRIGHT orange. We are talking Florida Gator Orange here people. I about passed out. I ran out of the bathroom and grabbed the packaging. I read a little more and found out that it does in fact turn your pee a reddish orange color while it in your system. Okay good. I’m not dying here.

So this morning, with pee and SAHMommy blogging still on the brain, I took note of how each time I’ve gone to the bathroom my pee was another color. I ran back to the computer and sent an IM to my bestie.

me: so first thing this morning my pee was about the color of my orange chair
me: when I got to work, it was the color of orange gatorade
me: now its BRIGHT yellow
bestie: nice
bestie: its working its way out
me: yup
me: if i was all ready writing my SAHMommy blog, i’d totally have been taking pics and posting them

This then turned into a discussion about using instagram to post pics of my funny colored pee. Yep, we are nuts. If I ever get a chance to be a SAHMommy blogger… you better watch out!

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