Happy Mail Day!

I don’t get a lot of mail or packages, so when I do get something fun in the mail it kinda makes my day. So imagine how happy I was when I came home to not one but TWO packages sitting by my front door. Woo hoo!


The big box included two AMAZING glasses from a crafty friend of mine. I’d seen another friend post a picture of them on Instagram and commented that I needed one. The friend who sent them to me responded with “I might know where you could get one…” and then two showed up on my doorstep today. I have some awesome friends 🙂


The second box was from Klout. A friend had me sign up awhile back (cause you can “get free stuff”) but it wasn’t until recently that I linked things to it (my blog/twitter/instagram/FB/etc). And it didn’t take more than a month or so for my Klout to go up and to get offered a perk. My first perk was a box of fair trade organic products.


The box was filled with all sorts of goodies… tea, coffee, two chocolate bars, cake mix, semi-sweet chocolate chips, and lip balm. I was QUITE impressed with how much came in the box. And I was even more impressed with how well it was packed. Believe me when I tell  you that there was no way in heck I was going to get all those goodies back in the box the way they came.


I can’t wait to try out all these fun products. I promise to post about it when I do. I think I now have an excuse (like I really need one) to make cupcakes this week 🙂

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