This one time, I went on a date

Yes, it is true, I went on a date 2 weeks ago.

I met him on an online dating site, we emailed and texted for 2 weeks straight, then had an AMAZING 6 hour first date. It was awesome! He went to college, had a good job, owned a home, had no ex-wife and no kids. He seemed like a dream come true. Until the night before what should have been our second date. When a close friend of mine, who had joined the same dating site earlier that week, told me that he had messaged her on the site. She told him that we were friends and she had no interest in pursuing anything with him… he told her he was still interested in pursuing her. She told him again that we were friends and she had no interest, but he wouldn’t let it go. She finally blocked him. Um, what?!

I know we had been on only one date but it went really well and I’d heard from him EVERY DAY since that date. I was so confused. I really thought we had hit it off. Maybe it is just because I wouldn’t be trying to get multiple guys to go out with me at the same time. I just don’t function that way. I finally called him on it later that night and his response? “Ok, no worries. I wasn’t really into it anyway… obviously.” If I could have thrown something at him I would have. Wasn’t really into it anyway? Geesh.

I was just SO confused. Everything seemed to have gone so well. Everything seemed to be GOING so well. I guess that is what I get for thinking I’d finally found a great guy. All of my friends said it wasn’t be that he was just a douchebag. I believe that now, but it was still hard to talk. My brain automatically goes to thoughts of “What is wrong with me?”  and “What did I miss?” I was glad to hear that they were all just as confused as I was. That he was doing and saying all the things that WOULD lead me to believe that things were on the right track. Douchebag.

So here we go again right? I thought about just saying F it and deleting my profile, but I didn’t. I’ve sent some messages – some I have gotten responses to, but most I haven’t. I’ve gotten some messages too – but they are all kinda hit or miss. It is AMAZING the crap that people can pull on these dating sites. It is a very weird adventure, that is for sure.

But I am NOT going to give up. I am going to a get together this afternoon and I even said to my friend that is hosting “Can you please invite some cute, employed, non-douchebag single guys?” She told her husband and I guess he may have had someone in mind. I am not going to hold my breath, that’s for sure… but I will wear this super cute dress I bought last weekend just in case. You never know 🙂

OH, I almost forgot. Yesterday my bestie was out selling her cupcakes at an event at a comic book store (it was National Free Comicbook day or something). She had texted me about this really cute guy in some generals costume. Um, ok. Then she calls me a little later. I knew she had plans RIGHT after the event, so I was worried that something was wrong. She started the conversation with “So don’t be mad at me but…” Oh goodness. I guess she got to talking with said boy in the general costume and he was really nice and “even cuter in normal clothes.” So she gave him my email address! She gave my contact information to a gentleman that lives 2 hours away from me and dresses up as comic book characters for fun. Head. Desk. Smack. She really is lucky that I love her so much. I know she would only do that if she thought he really had potential, so I’ll let it slide this time. I haven’t gotten an email from him and I’m fairly certain I won’t. But it was nice that she was looking out for me. Even if she was trying to hook me up with a comic book nerd. I mean, I have never dated a comic book nerd before… so maybe that is the problem. Tee hee. We shall see.

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