Getting Back on Track: My 5 Favorite Fitness Finds

As I’m attempting to get myself back on track with healthy eating and running, I thought I would share my 5 Favorite Fitness Finds at the moment. Some of them are favorite standbys, some are new finds, and some aren’t things at all – but they all are helping me to get back and track and stay motivated.

Fit Snack Box

Fit Snack Box

As I’ve mentioned before, I LOVE getting my Fit Snack box every month. It gives me the opportunity to try new healthy snacks and keep me from automatically turning to the not-so-healthy snacks. My favorite thing out of my latest Fit Snack box were the ips chips. They come in both sweet and savory flavors, so there is something to fit your current craving. Unfortunately it was only a few short days before I was out of the tasty treat, but I’ll definitely be picking up more.


YouFit Health Clubs

My best friend Laura told me about YouFit, a new health club chain opening around Florida. She was looking into the one by her house in Tampa so I did some research and found out there is one right by my house AND one right back work. Pretty convenient huh? I let my gym membership lapse in April and was looking for a cheaper alternative. I really don’t like going to the gym but I know that during the summer I need somewhere with treadmills in order to keep up my running. For just $10 a month you get access to one club (I picked the one by my house) and there isn’t a contract. I kept putting off joining and then on the last day of May Laura told me about a special they were running – $100 for a whole year! That comes out to just $8.33 a month AND they were waiving the yearly $39.99 fee. The special ended that day so even though I wasn’t quite ready to hit the gym I signed up knowing that I would be shortly.

Fitness Planner

A few weeks ago I was in Michaels looking for supplies for a craft project when I am across an endcap displaying that caught my eye. It had all the items needed to make you own planner of sorts. It had a journal, to-do list, calendar, menu planner, and travel journal but the thing that caught my eye was the fitness & nutrition planner. It has everything you need to set up an 8-week health plan including a place to set overall goals, weekly goals, and a daily log. Plus, it was ORANGE. I’ve mapped out my goals and plan to put it all to good use starting next week when things finally calm down at work. I’m looking forward to chart my progress over the next 8 weeks!

Tiger Lady

I must admit that I HATE ads on Facebook. They really drive me nuts and actually kinda creep my out. But I came across one a few weeks ago for a product that really caught my eye – TigerLady. TigerLady is a discreet self-protection device. Modeled after the defense of a cat’s retractable claws, this self-defense tool works by enhancing the most primal of defensive movements — scratching. TigerLady is small enough to fit in your pocket or your purse, and it’s so lightweight you won’t mind adding it to your everyday carry. Unlike other self-defense options, TigerLady will never need batteries, and it won’t expire. TigerLady is lightweight, subtle, and effective. Best of all, TigerLady requires no training to use.


I run alone A LOT and my friends and family are always on my case about being safe and protecting myself. I already carry my phone with me, and keys, and a water bottle. What else do they want me to carry? TigerLady fits in the palm of your hand and all it takes is a squeeze to make it work. It is really quite cool and super scary all at the same time. I promise to share more about this soon 🙂

My Friends

Running with Friends


I know my friends aren’t a new fitness find, but they are a really important one. Whether its running with friends on a sticky, HUMID, dreadfully hot Florida morning. Or seeing inspirational posts on Instagram. Or checking out their race pictures on Facebook. Or just being reminded that sometimes running just sucks and that is okay. My friends, both in real life and online, remind me why I love running, that its okay to need a break, and that it WILL all work out. Regardless of your preferred method of exercise it is ALWAYS easier when you do it with friends 🙂

What are your current Favorite Fitness Finds?

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